About Us

About Our Agency

Eaton & Eaton Insurance Brokers began as an independent insurance brokerage in 1975 under the leadership of Robert L. Eaton and his son, R. Gregory Eaton, the founders of the firm.  Prior to 1975, the founders had begun their professional insurance careers in 1946 and 1971, respectively.  Greg Eaton became President and CEO of the firm in 1984, and assumed the title of Chairman of the Board upon the retirement of his father in 1998.

Collectively, our staff has extensive experience in the business of insurance, but more importantly, we are focused on providing the most responsive service and knowledge in the day to day handling of our clients insurance and risk management needs.

We are involved in a wide range of insurance analysis and coverage placement for our clients, ranging from the negotiation and placement of guaranteed cost contracts, to programs that are substantially more sophisticated, such as layered programs, wrap-ups, high deductible or self insured retention plans, and various form of single or multi-year loss sensitive plans.

Our Mission Statement

  • We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • We serve our clients and prospective clients by providing our expertise and knowledge in insurance, insurance products and risk management. Our purpose is to put our clients’ needs first.
  • Our dedicated team of Associates achieve this through their commitment to providing the highest level of service; exceeding client expectations.

Our Vision Statement

  • Trusted Advisor to our Clients
  • Focus on Client Needs and Relationships
  • Provide Excellent Value Added Products and Services
  • Pursuit of Knowledge, Betterment and Improvement
  • Never Satisfied